12 Points of Culture

I fully commit 100% of my abilities to ensure that every project is undertaken successfully and to the satisfaction of my clients. I am committed to the Vision, Mission, Culture and success of Scot lift Systems, its team and its customers.
I always ensure that the Company and the clients companies are promoted favourably at all times and ensure that my team are also positive when discussing these two entities.

I am fully approachable at all times and will ensure that persons concerns are taken care of in addition to any commitments specified in project contracts.
I am a good listener and would ask that if you have any issues which you would like to talk through then please be assured that I am available to discuss and assist with any decisions you may wish to take.

I always speak the truth and will ensure that my team do likewise ensuring that any issues you may have will be discussed and resolved.
Any commitments I make will be undertaken to the extent of any contracts in place as what I say and promise will be completed to the satisfaction of all concerned, guaranteed.

I am totally committed to building upon my success to ensure that my life continues to grow in a positive and successful way. I always strive to win and encourage others around me to be positive and successful too ensuring that we all grow and thrive together.

I am fully committed to excellence in all I do and will ensure that in my personal life and business life all items will be completed to a top level of quality far in excess of the norm. I always give more than required and teach others to do the same.

Through life I have always learnt from my mistakes and therefore have an extensive knowledge which can be shared with others to ensure the same mistakes are not made again. I can offer numerous solutions but always allow others to decide which action they wish to take as they have to grow through their wn learning process. I am always available to assist with any decision making process and will make every effort to ensure that all my knowledge is presented to allow the recipient to resolve any outstanding issues.

Team Work
I am a team player with the ability to be a Team Leader. I listen to others to resolve any issues and create a resolution, not a compromise. I am adaptable and resourceful in my work and therefore receptive to change if what I am doing is not working. I discuss any modifications with clients, and the team, to ensure that everyone is fully aware of why changes are necessary and the process to make those changes.

I encourage fun and laughter in my personal and business life creating an atmosphere where all are happy and relaxed to give of their best. A happy workforce will also give of their best and therefore a work hard play hard attitude is always encouraged.

I am a truly grateful person and say Thank you and show appreciation often, so that all around me know how much I appreciate everything and everyone that I have around me. I celebrate my wins and the wins of my clients, and team ensuring that all are aware of my appreciation.

I am committed to systems and will look for a solution based on those systems before making any people changes. Proven and tested systems give everyone confidence and ensure quality of workmanship. I suggest and encourage system changes at all times to ensure the systems in place are the best they can be given ever changing situations.

I am truly responsible for all my actions and accept ownership of all that happens in my work and personal life. I am accountable for the results I achieve and appreciate for change to take place, I first must change.

I am consistent in my words and actions so my clients and team mates can feel comfortable in dealing with me at all times. My life long friends, colleagues and clients know how consistency and loyalty are values which make me a treasured asset to be invested in.

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